02.29.2004 || 01h32

Anyone seen a lost and found?

Great. I lost my freaking 'phone. I think it must've come off my belt in the taxi when Mystie and I were arriving at my place last night -- well, technically this morning. I've been calling it all day and I've phoned about a half-dozen taxi companies, but to no avail. This fucking bites my bum. It's a $300 phone, and replacing it's gonna lay a slap on my already tight finances.

Dude, I've *got* to stop losing stuff. I'm at *6* lost gloves for this winter, and well it's becoming stoopid -- hell, it's at the point where losing something else just puts me in a tooth-grinding seethe. It's getting tired, really. E-fucking-nough.

I mean it.

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