02.19.2004 || 17h37

It's [not] the end of the world as we know it...

So here I am, updating from my new, free G4 iBook. Yes kids, you too can get fancy fucking bling from Apple if only you can go through a year or so of freaking agony. Now all I have to do is catch up on film stuff, a web design for Mystie's new 'zine, and a web design for an NYC film company that's been waiting patiently throughout the whole ordeal.

...and this is weird. Naked chix teaching you about NMAP and shiznit? Yeah, biznitch...

And while I'm on the subject, what's with the whole hullabaloo about North American tech jobs flowing into India? I mean, like no one saw this coming? Fuck, we've been training the next wave of subcontinent talent up here in the northland for a few years now, and we don't even have the patented US foreign tech worker training visa (aka 'L-1'). I mean, not everyone agrees that this is going to kill US programming (first of all) and if you look at it, the US did its level best to bring this situation about (second of all), so why is everyone screaming about it? Aside from the fact that lower-paid workers are suddenly putting out work that's on par with American coders?

Okay; by all appearances, it ain't so tough to be on par with our code cowboys, as anyone running Windows can see, but the point here is that it's just the American way spreading across the planet, and if you work that hard to colonise the planet, don't try to stop when it reaches its logical conclusion.

Hell, Canada pulled the exact same thing in terms of the film industry, and Asia sucked out the US's animation prowess even before we grabbed up what was left. US animation isn't dead. American protectionism handed the shipping industry to other countries in the last century, yet goods still flow to the USA as fast (or even faster) than before. The world is not ending, it's just shifting and grunting a bit.

I'd hate to lose my job as part of this, but I walked away from an extremely comfortable existence as a tech peon, and I'm surviving. I'm not nearly as flush, and I'm not nearly as comfortable, but even at a quarter of my former salary, I'm still-fucking-here. I challenge you to show me someone who couldn't make due -- minus the fancy car or elephantine debt load that's been jammed down our collective throat as a basic part of the acceptable North American lifestyle.

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