02.05.2004 || 09:31

Incorporeal corporals

So, there was a Canadian soldier killed by a suicide bomber recently. The rub here is that if you ain't Canadian, you probably don't know, because news outlets in the States and UK will cover every fart and scratch from US, UK, Polish, Spanish or even Japanese troops in either one of the most recent US military's playgrounds, but they keep missing out on us even though we've got the most troops in Afghanistan right now.

Anyway, Jamie Murphy was from Conception Harbour, Newfoundland. His mother had begged him not to join the army and he was maybe a week from the end of his tour of duty and all the other stuff that makes his story tragic the way every soldier's death is always made to seem; no matter that dying is a very real possible side effect of a job in the military.

Turns out that the suicide bomber was most likely this guy born in Toronto.

And *that's* some fucked-up shit.

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