02.05.2004 || 01h47

Sister and the Slut

You know, my sister's got a *really* shady past. She really does. Hell, for most of the time we've shared on this planet, I wouldn't have trusted her as far as I could toss her. I don't even really think she cared, actually. she ripped people up and tossed them aside when they were no longer useful, she used men like taxis, you know all the stuff.

She's trying really hard to be a good bet, though. Really hard. And It's paying off in a big way. I don't mean that everything's completely great, but I'm doing everything I can to give her the benefit of the doubt every time. I think she's becoming a better bet all the time. None of this is secret. Long hours of searching words lie between us. I mean that.

And now she's getting married to a great guy who I think is as good for her as she seems to be for him, and though I have questions pertaining to the timing and everything, I am satisfied with her answers to every question I have asked her, and feel that I can trust this not to explode. That's a big step for us. Really big.

And at the end of the day, it's exciting to watch her blossom into the person she's becoming. Impending wife, impending mother, impending degree holder (!)...

How can anyone denegrate this? For the efforts she has put into becoming a better person, she deserves a fucking fanfare, and yet, there is someone who snipes at her and the Slut from the shadows because s/he is too freaking small to stand behind the vitriol that s/he is leaving in Sister and the Slut's guestbooks.

Andthis is making me *sad* because I can't stand the fact that at a time when Sis deserves (and hell, needs) applause and support, she's getting shite spewed at her from around corners like this. I can't stand it, I just can't. I guess the anonymous character assasin never bothered to think about how many people those words would affect, and I don't much think that s/he cares. It's just too good to be able to lurk around and be ugly.

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