02.04.2004 || 02h34

Nothing much about my acting career and Paul Martin

Not much on in my life right now, really. Aside from another audition coming hot on the heels of me finishing up on a movie, that is. Oh, and I lost a $10 deposit on a little $50 adapeter I ordered, then cancelled because Wacom doesn't do Mac OS X driuves for their older drawing tablets. I guess they want to make sure I come back with more dollars. what the hell, I've had the thing since the earth was new, so maybe e-baying it and getting a newer one's not such a bad idea. Also, I've noticed that the ceonservatives didn't like the Speech from the Throne. In fact, Grant Hill had nothing even remotely pleasant to say about the PM's first Throne Speech. Now, Hill's the interim leader of the Conservative Party because they're busy selecting from between a woman who knows nothing but the corporate life, and a coupla no-good zombies. Also, whereas Paul Martin's definitely the leader of the Liberal Party and is out official PM, he doesn't have ver much time left on his predecessor's mandate, so we're likely looking down the barrel of another election. So the interim leader of the opposition party is firing pegs at the interim Prime Minister's interim cabinet over his first Speech from the Throne, which refers to a term that will likely be no more than a few months. Seems just a little surreal to me.

Oh, and the screen on my iBook just died. Can I cry now?

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