01.30.2004 || 00h21

Dull day. So here's a list!

Ugh, fresh from a marathon band practice. Sore hands but it feels good. I also bought a new book a few days ago. Well, I spent a gift certificate I'd received for X-mas on it. I was happy. I still am, but I don't know when I'll have time to read it. But I'm gonna do it.

Aside from that, I was supposed to have sex with Mystie last night, but she e-mailed an old crush to tell him she'd dreamed of fucking him and that she found it cool that they were both into philosophy, so I didn't feel like touching her much. Also, our prime minister sucks large, though I think that's just a by-product of wanting to be a politician. I can't back that up; it's just a suspicion. I also recently found out that the manager at CoffeeHellCo's sister was the second cinematographer on the Barbarian Invasions and that his brother's had two songs in the Canadian top 40.

So I asked him, like, why the hell he was the manager of a coffeeshop then. Of course, he just bought a new Mac for video editing on, so I guess he's thinking of moving on. Which is good because he's *way* too smart for his job.

Oh, one more thing: Apple's offered a bone to iBook owners whose serial numbers start two months *after* mine.

Excuse me for a moment...


Thank you. And now, here is a list:

Top 20 influences on CF's thinking and philosophy (in no particular order).

  • Umberto Eco;
  • Noam Chomsky;
  • Marshall McLuhan;
  • Leonard Cohen;
  • Evelyn Lau;
  • Billy Bragg;
  • Robert Smith;
  • Steve Jobs;
  • Denys Arcand;
  • Atom Egoyan;
  • Neil Stevenson;
  • Her Excellency Mme Adrienne Clarkson;
  • Her hubby John Ralston Saul;
  • John Malkovitch;
  • Linus Torvalds;
  • Carol Shields;
  • Timothy Findley;
  • David Mamet;
  • Aristotle
  • John Berger;
  • Jacques Elul

Yeah, I know it's 21. It's also not nearly complete, but I'd like to have some time to surf pr0n before bed.

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