01.27.2004 || 11h25

Voodoo queens and stranger things

BTW, allayaz who follow the Poppy Z Brite school of thinking that New Orleans is the creepiest city in America, it ain't got nothing on Montréal. A couple of nights ago, a fine, upstanding member of Montréal's somewhat sizeable Voodoo community cast a spell in the women's can at work. It filled the whole café with the reek of whatever she was burning. Later, after she'd packed her fricking chicken bones and left, I cleaned off her table and glanced at the torn-up bits of paper that were scattered about, and they were notes she'd been taking about the spell or whatever.

Creeped me into the stratosphere, I can tell you.

So, my boss called me at home last night with a Mac-related question (yes, it's my fault he got a Mac [congratulates self]), and he just mentioned off-handedly that the bathroom still smelled yesterday.

I don't get paid enough for this shite.

||Gods save the Queen,

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