01.25.2004 || 18h11

Film stuff because I know you love it. Oh, and some other shite as well...

Did I mention that I'd gotten a role in a small film? It wasn't much, really. I played a supporting character in a short. Two days of shooting: one freaking long Friday, then a half day yesterday, followed by a close shift at CoffeeHellCo. Yeah, I was knackered when I got *to* work, so you can imagine how I felt when I finally left for home. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into my usual bank machine on the way home because the door had frozen closed, so I was *way* too hopping mad to go beddies when we got in. Of course, I felt a bit of a heel because Mystie had come into CoffeeHellCo on her way to a birthday party somewhere North of 60, and I'd told her that I prolly couldn't come out because I was tired; and if she was staying out too late, I'd rather she didn't come over to my place and wake me up. She ended up getting a chance at a ride back to CoffeeHell at around closing time, so she came home with me, but I felt kinda bad that I wasn't tired anymore by the time we got in because I was such a party-pooper.

Anyway, the movie's been kind of a neat experience in that it's a student film with a *full* crew, as opposed to the typical low-budget three-person crew. The assistant director partcularly stands out because she didn't panic once while I was there. Considering the job and the ADs I've seen so far, she's pretty fucking great. I'm going to try and swipe her for my film.

Heh, no chance of swiping the star, though: he flew in from California for the film. I think he found the whole dual-language film experience thing to be a bit disconcerting, though. He and the director (also Californian: he came to Concordia's film department because he met a French Canadian girl who dared him to come North. Hm, sounds kinda familiar...) were the only ones who don't bounce back and forth halfway through a sentence, just out of habit...

Oh, I had to learn how to play poker for the part. Weird game. Kinda cool, but weird.

Oh: the digital still camera has revolutionised the continuity person's job. Allayaz out there who want to make movies, get one. Now.

I've spoken to Maman more often over the past week than usual, mostly because she went and got pneumonia. HOw the hell she pulled that one off is beyond me, but there you have it. I've been keeping tabs on her, just in case. she aint the strongest of peeps, youknowwhatImsayin' ?

Pneumonia. Give me a break...

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