01.19.2004 || 19:31

MacTroubles and MacStrife

So I'm quasi-jubilant. I took the 'Book back to Mac 911 to-day because it was just being a bitch, right? So I take it outta my bag and lay it like a slab of shit on the counter. Then I open it up and hit the 'power' button, saying 'Dude, I *know* it's going to work fine because I'm here now, but trust me...'

...and the doomBook just shat itself. We got the lightshow of the century -- if you count screen flickers, blackouts and flashes happening in quick succession a 'lightshow.'

Fuck, bitch; I almost danced.

cf: 'Did-- didja see it?'

M911: Yep. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have believed it... Uh, you wanna leave that here for a couple of days?'

They beli-eeve me! They beli-eeve me!

Oh fuck, I also called Apple to make an official complaint about the sphincters they're selling disguised as computers, and got bounced back and forth across the border like my call was a dirty-bomb that neither side wanted to let through customs. I was like 'Can I bitch yet?' and they were like 'Sorry, we don't deal with bitching from Canada. try over at yaddayaddayadda.' So I dialled yaddayaddayadda and got bounced again.

Oh, and the somewhat imperious yet kindly US dude I first spoke to said that he couldn't help the fact that I depend on my iBook (!), and that I should really think about getting a second machine (!!); oh, and that the new iBooks are really quite nice and problem-free (!!!).

cf: 'Holy *cock* are you ever a fucking cunt-bitch. I'm gonna slam my piece up yer pooper and jiggle that shit 'til I hear your teeth rattle! Is there anyone I can talk to who's not a freaky-deaky reprobate? Or hey, howsabout someone who's even civilised?'

Cuntbitch: 'Well sir, for "civilised," I'm going to have to bounce you back across the border to my other brother Darryl...'

Okay, not really, but I did ask for someone else because that was a fucking inadequate solution and I was vexed like I know your mommy likes it.

Anyway, I finally got in touch with someone in the T-dot who was *fucking* nice, and who did what she could for me: a $300 rental refund if I end up having to rent a machine while mine's getting its nose sucked back out of its own arse.

I like Macs. Really. I find them a calming influence in this crazy world.

||Gods save the Queen,

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