01.07.2004 || 12h38

macworld crap

Okay, so here's my take on the new Mac shite: 15GB iPod for a low-arsed price? Really cool. 4GB iPod minis? Hyper-expensive ugh. Spend the extra $50 on the 15 GB, dude. Oh, and one of my regulars summed it up nicely when he came into he café yesterday, walked right up to me, and said 'So, have you seen the new iPods for chicks?'

And he's as gay as they come.

Garage Band? Neat as hell, especially as it comes free on new machines.

Yay, a new Microsoft Word! This means we'll *all* be buying new, faster machines for wordprocessing on! Save your ducats, kiddies...

And thus ends cf's Macworld Expo coverage.

PS: Apple's offering 9.99 financing. anyone any good with reading the fine print?

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