01.05.2004 || 08h11

A few notes while I'm trying to stay out of Mystie's way...

Just so you know, I'm a great boyfriend. After closing last night and cleaning out my canada.com e-mail account to see if I could find an E-vite to Sister's wedding (nowhere to be found), I got up before the gods this morning to have brekkies with her before her 8h45 class. I'm currently staying out of the way so she can get ready.

Oh, it turns out that the Barista I had to write up has skipped three shifts since the event for which I wrote him up. Apparently he's in a depression or something. My opinion? That really sucks, dude, but we're running a business. If he was a great worker whom everyone loved, I'd prolly be more understanding or somesuch bull, but as it is, I'm sorry but he'd beter not have a job waiting for him when his freaking depression's over.

I guess that just sorta ges to the heart of things, though. I mean, you can't just cut the emotionally fragile off from the planet, right? I mean, they need jobs and friends and lives just like the rest of us. I believe that. But where do you draw the line when someone starts to impact on his or her co-workers? I mean, if he just doesn't show up for his shift, then someone else has suddenly gone from having a six-hour shift to a 10 or 12-hour one, and I'm sorry, but that's not fair. Especially when you think that most of our staff are students or dancer or whatever, and usually go from work to rehearsal/practise/study group/etc. So you end up with a worker who is resented by the other baristas because they don't trust him not to fuck their days over for them, which leads to friction, and so on ad nauseam.

So, does being in a depression constitute a good excuse? Well, the answer is simple: does he have a doctor's note?

So, I shot my first wedding. The bride's mother didn't get in my way once, and was in fact a real pleasure to be around. She made a moving yet hilarious speech about her daughter, ate some cake, and beamed the whole time. Thanks the gods, because I know I got one shot that day that I really wish I hadn't: The one where the bride enters the front vestibule and starts putting her shoes on to walk up the aisle only to find her brother getting off the phone with her dad, who's too fucking *drunk* to show.

I don't understand how, having been surrounded by such crap, she still came out the most generous and kind woman I have ever met. It almost makes me believe in miracles.


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