01.03.2004 || 08:25

A few words to an anonymous poster

And since I'm going to photograph a wedding to-day, I've been thinking about another impending wedding as well, and the anonymous person who's been spewing vitirol all over the Slut and Sister's guestbooks. This one's for you, anonymous:

You *would* seem to be just a well-intentioned dolt if you had the good sense to stand by your statements. Your name, sir. Or madam. Tag it to your posts. It would give you what you currently lack; which is just plain old integrity. As it is, you're just trying to come between two people who love each other, and that's just not on.

Yes, you have the right to your concerns, and to being confused about the timing (Hell, I've had to convince the last *4* people I've told about this thing that we're not the shotgun wedding type of clan), but at the end of the day they're doing it, and they're doing it their way. In other words, shut up and be happy for them. Especially since they've got an awful lot waiting to be piled on their collective plates. Yes, the kids. Yes, the timing. Hell, the first time one of those girls goes into the 'you're not my real mother' phase, it's prolly going to tear Sister in two, but fuck! That's life. It's full of wonderful mistakes and dismal successes. And yes, everything in between, too.

And it's everyone's own job to find out for themselves, not be herded away from danger or happiness by cowards posing as friends.

You really should have put your name to your words. Then it could have been a discussion. Now it's just character assassination.

||Gods save the Queen,

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