01.03.2004 || 01h15

Cats, eh?

Mysteria's sitting on the floor about a metre and a half away from me, being mauled by an exceptionally affectionate Tarot. yep, he's in his touch-crazy phase again, and I can hear him purring from here. He's obviously recovered from whatever it was he'd swallowed a few days ago.

It's kinda weird how having almost lost him a few months ago has completely changed the way I see him. I mean, I don't love the little guy any more than I used to, but I'm aware that it's kind of a gift to still have him around, and I'm aware of him all the time. When he's sleeping in a ball on my bed or whatever, I make sure to stop and just look at him for a minute.

... and he's practically a hypochondriac by proxy nowadays: If he so much as sneezes, I have to practically restrain myself from leaping to the 'phone and calling the vet about it.

Speaking of sick, his brother just consumed an entire dust bunny. I can't wait to find *that* puked up somewhere. They really are like children who never grow up...

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