12.31.2003 || 01h48

Impending photo shoots, cats, and moviestuff

So I'm less than a week away from shooting my first wedding. Stressed? Yep. The bride's mother promises to be a burden, so I told said bride that if her mum tried to control my photo shoots the way she's done with the rest of the wedding, my reply would be lacking in tact. Just a wee warning. We also went over the shotlist, what can be super posed, what needs to be taken in situ, which ones we can take at a later date when the offending matron won't be around.

It's going to be a big job. I'm going to have to stop undercharging. Oh well, at least I'm not paying for film, right?

In other news, Tarot just puked everywhere again. Stupid feline, he's puked several times to-day, and I'm wondering what that's all about. Though I *did* find that he'd pulled open a cupboard so he could eat the fingertips off a rubber glove, so I have to admit to a little apprehension here.

You know, I've been reading a lot about directors lately, and it strikes me how cool the field can be, like how Roger Corman gave rise to the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and John Sayles... okay, and James Cameron. Draw another line and you get to Sophia Coppola who, though obviously swinging to the nepotism beat is making films that speak with her own voice, and how she avoided becoming just another Hollywood Dame. And I've been reading a lot about films themselves. It's been mostly Box-office crap: The Hulk made just over US$132 million, but cost US$120 million to produce, making the box-office a lousy return; whereas Charlies Angels: Full Throttle made US$101 million (rounding up), though it cost US$120 million (rounding down). Terminator 3? You don't wanna know. Actually, yes you do: box office: US$150,350.192; budget: US$170,000,000.

That sort of stuff. It's a really amazing, yet totally boring read.

And it ain't that much more interesting to write about, lemme tell you.

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