12.23.2003 || 00:07

war criminals, family strife, and work woes

Somhow, it's fitting that Time's mad the US soldier the Person of the Year hot on the heels of the Iraqi civilian body count being shut down, because last time 'America's fighting Man' was given the honour, this was going on.

Oh: Maman and Sister seem to be on the outs again. That's the problem with having a mother who's bitter as fuck and a sister who... means well. Maybe Maman can't stand to see Sister happy. Maybe she doesn't want to see Da and his wife happy. Maybe she's asking the same damned question as me pertaining to Sister's plans for school. Or maybe she's just a bitter bitch.

But then, family's never easy, right? My close family have taught me that family doesn't mean you have to treat each other with respect, and the contingent out west have taught me that no, you don't have to back your family up, no matter what. faced with these two valuable lessons, why would I care? And I guess the answer is that it's just to much work to let go.

in other news, my barista walked out on me to-night. Yes, I work at one of *four* coffe chains that call their bottom-rung employees 'baristas.' No, I don't wanna talk about it. I want to talk about the one that got away.

I've spoken to him time and again about certain aspects of his behaviour, and he just doesn't seem to learn. He's a nice guy, but I get easily twice the work out of every other employees during a shift as I do outta him, and he just doesn't get the fact that, yes, it's only coffee, but it's still a *job* with *responsibilities* and shizzle.

Anyway, to-night I told him to go wash the floor, and if he didn't smarten up, I was sending him home.

So he clocked out and left.

Now, here's my issue: if he'd just shut up and done his job, we could have argued about it after closing. I'm very open to that, and I make no secret of that fact. By walking, he effectively erased any chance he had of continuing to work at CoffeeHellCo again. especially since I had to call a fellow shift-lead to come in and help me close.

On the other hand, Mystie crossed town to bring me supper. She's the greatest. Made my motherfucking night.

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