12.21.2003 || 12h46

expensive follies

Let's see what's coming. Uhm, there's the Alamo , Troy, Alien vs Predator, The Day After Tomorrow, Superman V, Indiana Jones 4, Antoine Fuqua's take on King Arthur, the second half of Kill Bill, another Star Wars and not one, but *two* Alexander the Greats.

Hm. Looks like America needs its ego back. That's the only way to explain *this* many big-budget, victorious hero-laden lamebrain-fests in such quick succession.

I mean, let's face it: Alamo promises to be tripe; and as for Alien vs Predator? Great. Yet another movie based on a videogame. Why not throw Lara Croft in for extra geek appeal? The Day After Tomorrow is based on a ridiculous premise and is by the same director as Independence Day. Need I say more? Kill Bill? Shut up. Superman V is alive even though the promised Superman vs Batman seems to have quietly and mercifully left everyone's production agendas. And for *fuck* sakes, Baz Luhrmann and Oliver Stone are trying to beat one another to the finish line with their respective Alexander the Great flicks. Baz has the budget, Oliver's got... balls, I guess. Okay, and Angelina Jolie.

And Troy? For Jaysus sake, Brad Pitt and Eric Bana? Not at $13 a ticket. I don't pay that much to be insulted for two hours, sorry. And I'm wondering what the hell they're going to do for Indiana Jones. What, they're gonna pull Dr Jones out of the Tomb Raider Retirement Home? Maybe he can be Giles to Lara Croft's Buffy or something... Or maybe it'll be two hours of him teaching his class. It'll be hyper realisitic: bunches of youngsters paying too much to be bored for two hours at a time.

Speaking of buget-minded pap, here's a list of fun gifts from the FP Money section of yesterday's National Post:

  • one of 10 Karl Lagerfeld-designed 150-anniversary Steinway baby grands. Only 150 made. Price? a sweet US$85,000.
  • This year's Victoria's Secret diamond bra and panty set with sapphires rhodolites and amethysts with the 70-carat rock handing to the navel. your hang hangthis beauty on your babe for a cool US$11 million.
  • A personal submarine from subeo for $1.2 million (better deal than the fucking Bra, if you ask me)
  • The Philips Vesuvio, a really weird sofa/bed thing with an on-board DVD player and projector so you can watch movies on the ceiling. It comes in at a comparatively light US$31,000.
Dude, there's more bling-bling in the offering here than you really *want* to shake a stick at. Trust me.

And since I'm talking about expenses, my screen just flickered on me. It seems that whenever I type in the upper left-hand quadrant of my keyboard, the screen starts to dim. Here's a note to allayaz with laptops in northern climes: when they tell you that you *must* let your machine sit for 10 minutes or so before turning it on after coming in from the cold? Yeah, that's the truth. Fuck...

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