12.19.2003 || 15h32

dull shite

So yesterday we got a laser printer. It was on sale for $70 off or somesuch, so it was really too good to miss. It was going to go down one of five possible ways:

  • Mystie and I were going to be buying our first appliance together, with all the heaviness that implies;
  • Marv was going to come in on it with us, making it a little more affordable;
  • Best friend *and* marv were going to go in on it, making it an extremely affordable $66 each;
  • Mystie's credit card *and* interac card wouldn't work, making us miss the sale and go home empty-handed.

that last one sounds kinda questionable, but it's because my credit card doesn't have the room on it. Anyway, we got it home and both roomies went in on it, so were not too poor.

And as a bonus, we have our first laser printer. Final tally? $264 and a bit, taxes in. Non-sale price? $299.99 plus taxes. Yeah, we made off like bandits, or as close as you can come when you're struggling through mounds of snow and ice with a ginormous, ten billion kilo box in your arms. And $8 worth of toilet paper from the pharmacy next door. And a parcel from your over-packing father'd that you'd picked up from the post office...

Anyway, we immediately used said printer to print up the labels for the band's demo CD. So the disc is ready to go. Sister's started trying to sell us at a couple of the local pubs.

This is boring. I'm going to work.

||Gods save the Queen,

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