12.16.2003 || 00:24

Media curcuses and such nonsense

So hi again. I've got a few extra minutes while Mystie finishes answering her students' various whinging requests for better grades (If they were asking me, I'd politely tell them to bend over backwards and kiss their own choads, but I don't think she's allowed to do that), so I guess I'll yak a little.

Saddam? I don't care enough to crow and danse. Yeah, he's a bad motherfunker, but that was Washington's fault in the first place, so the media circus and all is in extremely poor taste. Actually, truth be told, I think it's kind of too bad they caught him, mostly because it was becoming almost funny that the chic, expensive US armed forces were being made to look *that* stupid...

Does anyone else think that the reason Washington made the new Iraqi government stop counting Iraqi civilian casualties is because GWB or his Generals are going to have to be arrested for war crimes over those numbers? Yeah, I thought so.

But hey, there's good news out there, too.

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