12.11.2003 || 03h39

Macs, Unixy shite, and a few words about crap

I've got this idea, but I don't know if it'll work.. I'm thinking of trying to do an editing or web-design contract for a 15" PowerBook with a SuperDrive instead of money. The reason to this insanity comes from three different sources:

  1. I can edit my film on it, as evidenced by the guy who was sitting next to me on my break at CoffeeHellCo to-night, and editing his film on one;
  2. I'm figuring that one who hired me on these terms would be able to write off some of the machine and save some bucks, while still making me as happy as the proverbial pig in shite; and
  3. Truth be told, the doomBook is getting long in the tooth. Dreamweaver is slow as fuck, as is Illustrator and, well, Word. Just to name a few.
Hell, Marv, Pol, and Mystie all have newer versions of my machine and they don't seem to have the same speed issues as I have. And only Marv does anything close to the high-octane processor crunching that I do. Okay, there's also the Ghost Recon issue, but that's a lot less important than the work I'm *trying* to do, here.

There are bunches of questions I have to ask someone, though. I mean, how legal is it? Can a company write down a computer to someone like that? without paying them *some* sort of wage? If so, should I offer a couple of years' website minor updates (for web work) or editing (for text work), or could I do an initial project for it, then re-negotiate for follow-up work? I don't know enough about business legal crap to just blithely walk into something like this. Hell, if anyone would even be *interested.* I have no idea if this would even seem plausible.

As for my aching teeth, I'm going to do something on that front. I'm going to call the guy who did the other two and ask if he'll take me on a payment plan. If not, I'll regretfully seek another doctor. I'm also going to look at my finances again and see if I can shave anything else off the monthly expenses and maybe start saving up, just in case.

Dude, I can't wait to be rid of this particular problem. Believe me.

I wrote a readMe file in vi. Monstre can now be proud of me. I've also started to navigate my way around emacs (wbill can be proud as well), though I think I like vi better. I know, *that's* not a whole bucket of weird...

In other news, apparently many people in the US find Canadians too patriotic. I'd ask the requisite 'Huh???' if I wasn't so busy trying to keep my head from flipping right off from the unique wackiness of *that* statement.

And with that, I'm going to bed. I've spent far too long sitting here and alternately rubbing my jaw and drooling over PowerBooks. Heh, at least the extra saliva lubes up those freaking wisdom teeth. Maybe they'll lube right outta there or something.

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