12.10.2003 || 11:01

Okay, this has been bugging me...

And while I'm at it, I have to say that I've been in constant agony for almost two weeks now, as my two remaining wisdom teeth have decided to start giving me the trouble my dentist keeps asking me about. Last time we spoke about them, it went a bit like this:

Dr Tooth: Hm, those *definitely* need to come out. They giving you trouble yet?
cf: Uhm, nope?
Dr Tooth: Wow, really?
cf: Not a peep.
Well, fuck me, I'm impressed.

Well, I'm paying for the grace period with interest. It's been three years since I got the left ones done. I'm really behind, but $600 doesn't just appear outta nowhere, eh? I think I'll start saving up...

Just for the record, this ain't a cry for $ help, and I won't accept any. I'm just bitching, I suppose.

But I've been working hard to stay civil and be a fun, good-natured guy and not take this out on other people. It must be working because when my boss questioned me about the little grimace I allowed myself in the back room yesterday, he was surprised as hell...

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