12.02.2003 || 10:54

lists again

So yeah, I've realised that the second vignette for the film has to be completely re-written. It's just too contrived as it stands, and whereas the direction in which it goes is alright, the path it takes to get there surely ain't. It's depressing. Aside from that, I have to:

  • Finish a website design for the acting school's new on-line talent database;
  • Finish a website design for the band;
  • Finish (yeah, I know) the new design for my personal website;
  • Do a French design for our film company's website (not right away, thankthegods. We're still waiting on the translation);
  • Find the money to enter a couple of fiction contests;
  • Keep up with my work schedule while not sleeping the days away
  • Finish writing up the prospectus so we can get the money to film the rest of the bugger;
  • Either nail down Marv for a day of film editing or call an editor friend and offer him the job;
  • Practise music every day.

And time's a-wasting.

||Gods save the Queen,

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