11.30.2003 || 12:48

bad night

The designer's credo of 'he who dies with the most fonts wins' means less than shite when it's 3 in the ay-em and you're still removing duplicate fonts from your system in a fuckig vain attempt to get things moving more smoothly in any Adobe app there is. It means nothing when you finally give up and go to sleep.

It means even less when you wake up a couple of hours later from the absolute, bar none, arse-kickingest *worst* dream you've ever had. Period. In your entire life. Nothing to do with fonts, just a really weird coincidence.

I hope I didn't scare Mystie nearly as bad as I scared myself.

In all fairness, I don't get jolted awake very often anymore. Probably every couple of months now, but still. Why the hell does my mind do these things to me?

||Gods save the Queen,

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