11.27.2003 || 10:35

Songs. Words.

Mystie's at her office hours right now, and I'm supposed to be practising to keep up my musical skillz. Figured I'd take a break and see what was up on-line.

Which seems to be nothing.

over the past few days I have managed to memorise almost all of the Rocky Road to Dublin, which if you don't know it, is a ridiculously rough piece. I think it's one of the best damned Celtic songs out there for form and style, just because it's not a typical pattern punctuated by a sawing fiddle part. There is not other songs like it. Anywhere. The only other Irish tune I can think of that enjoys the same caché is Boys of Bedlam, which is cool and fucking dark.

Note to self: find the chords for Boys of Bedlam.

Oh: Everyone congratulate Mystie: she's written more words than God this month, and she's still going strong. She's kinda *gotta* be my hero now.

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