11.26.2003 || 01:34

Doors, cats, and politicians

Yeah, so I clocked Tarot with the bathroom door to-day. Really. It was ajar and I was undressing for my bath and I just sorta reached out with my foot and punched it closed.

Except that it made that muffled 'thump' sound that I have come to associate with dooring a cat across the head. Don't ask. Anyway, I opened it immediately and he strolled in with an inquisitive 'Mrph?' I guess he was about to push the door open with his face when I kicked it.

Little fucker's got a hard head. I'm not kidding.

The thing is, I shoulda been expecting it. He can't stay away when I'm in the bath. He spends the whole time on his hind legs, peeking over the top and reaching out towards the bubbles, the water, my hands... That is, when he's not balanced on the rim and trying to stay dry while sticking his nose into the foam.

Alright, alright: He's fricking *cute,* but you know...

In less important news, Jean Chretien was apparently hosed by world leaders left, right, and centre after almost losing the country in 1995. Boutros-boutros Ghali (Who was Sec Gen of the UN at the time, of course) scolded him about the example it'd make if Canada were to rip itself in two, considering its place at the UN. BBG told JC that the world did *not* need 500 countries, thankyouverymuch.

Apparently, the Spanish head told JC to get a spine and deal with sovereigntists the way they do in Spain.

...which means death squads, but this ain't me talking, here.

||Gods save the Queen,

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