11.01.2003 || 12:40

Happy fucking Samhain

Hey you know what? If you ever want to feel like real shite, just ruin a perfectly good night with friends by making not one but *two* great girls cry after they'd done all the work. Then grab one of them and pull them outside so she'll stop yelling at her boyfriend over it, and explain that *you're* the one being a jerk only to hear that her life has been so shitty lately that she'd just wanted *one* nice night. Oh, and then later, when Your girlfriend is crying again and you ask her why, you just might be lucky enough to hear 'Because everybody had such a crappy time...'

Sorry guys. Really. Happy fucking new year, CF.

I'm thinking that I might have them over again soon, just so we can drink some of this pile of booze...

In other news, I have decided not to enter this year's National Novel Writing Month contest. I am really trying to concentrate on writing that'll get me somewhere these days. I'm entering a few contests and stuff, but I really feel that I should be doing more. I have the idea in my head that I'd like to write an article for a magazine. Something that requires research. I think that I really need to keep up that particular skill, especially as most people make the mistake of thinking that writing fiction eliminates the need for research. Hell, you can always tell a writer who's made *that* mistake...

Uhm, we're almost done the demo. We have to finish the last song's basslines this week, but after that, our parts are done; we just have to wait until it's all slapped together. Should be ready by sometime in December.

And I really need voice lessons. It's just making me grumpy at this point. Or at least some excersises. If anyone knows any vocal excersises that I can do to help out a bit, lemme know.

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