10.31.2003 || 01h12

weird post recording session musings

In other news, I spend a couple of hours with Jazz today because she's in town for a week. We didn't do anything super exciting or newsworthy, just had lunch then coffee. we chatted about a buncha stuff, like the fact that she arrived in town to discover than one of her friends had tried to commit suicide over a boy, and another had just been dumped by her boyfriend because he's the president of his uni's student body and she was taking up too much of his time. Kinda makes me glad that Mystie's just the prez of her department, and not the whole school...

Anyway, then I went to buy some cat food and kitty litter and come home to clean the kitchen for to-night's recording session.

We pulled a David Usher and recorded all the fiddle stuff and some vocals in the kitchen with the fridge unplugged.

To-morrow, we're doing the bass stuff starting at 16h00. We should be done everything by 22h00, when Sister and Mystie are coming by for cocktails. I invited Jazz to come and I think Mystie invited one of my old work buddies, but I doubt they'll come, and I don't know that I really care. I mean, it's just going to be a *small* group of friends, after all...

I hate my voice. I need lessons. Pronto. I feel that, at least vocally speaking, I'm a drag on the band. No idea where the money will come from but it's just not an option at this point. These guys are worth it.

Which reminds me of something I've been idly pondering lately. I come from an entire generation of Bass players who *didn't* end up as such by being the crappiest guitarist in a given band. I chose the bass because I liked it better and because of the thrill I feel when the bass starts to rumble. I never got that with the guitar, and as such, I use it pretty night on exclusively as a songwriting tool.

because of this, I am not what is known as an 'in the pocket' bass player (one who just plays the bassnote of the chord all the time, or does a variation on the '1, 5; 1, 5 or 1, 3; 1, 3' bit); I find that in the pocket playing is boring and pretty useless. I like to have an interesting bassline to play with, though I tend to keep them much more simple than I used to -- the overplayer is always kinda embarrassing to hear.

The end result of this is that I sometimes stress about my basslines. Like when I'm about to record one, for instance. I usually pull through anyway, but you know.

I also get performance anxiety when playing in front of people, though I usually get over that as I start to play around town more. You never know if people are going to like you, though you can always hope.

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