10.28.2003 || o1h30

One more step down the tightrope...

Okay, this was a *stoopid* day. It started off and and just seemed to go from there. Hell, any day you get pressured *right* into trouble with your significant other is a bad one. Granted, she *knew* we would have to leave early-ish, and as usual (though not always. Credit where it's due) didn't start to get ready to leave until Best Friend and I had our coats on to start getting ready. Low-class, especially as I'd said clearly that we were leaving soon. Of course she got pissed, and I guess if I hadn't given her all kinds of notice about the leaving part, I'd understand that.

You see, the roomies told me that,even though they like seeing her and having her about, they didn't really want her hanging out chez-nous when I'm not home because they want the freedom to walk about in their undies or something. I don't really know, but I'm constantly treading this line between pissing Best Friend off or pissing Mystie off. To say it's running me a bit ragged is an understatement. I personally saw no problem with leaving and letting Mystie get ready at her own pace, but I'm pretty sure that BF would have considered it a step down a slippery slope or something. I don't even know, but he was in a pissy mood this morning, so I didn't want to shake things up too much.

No win situation.

So of course, the whole time that BF and I were at the store, I was in a bitchy mood, and it didn't get any better after that, either. By the time I got to work, I was fit to be tied, but I put my happy-arsed work face on and tried to keep it together.

Fortunately, Montreeal was being pissed on, so there were very few customers. By the time we closed, I wasn't feeling too badly, though I've got a stress headache like you wouldn't believe...

I'm so fucking tired of dealing with people's shite. I know what BF is afraid of. I know why there's a no girlfriends rule. I also know that sometimes Mystie and I are less than sensitive to the fact that the roomies are single and feeling it. Alladat. I also know that we can't just do what we want and be damned with everyone around because we're adults.

But man, sometimes it sounds like fun.

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