10.22.2003 || 11:46

Better be better soon.

I must admit to being a little frustrated at this point. My practising for the past week has been foiled more than once by stupidities: I am, at this point, quite ill. I've just been trying to sing, and I sound terrible (by which I mean even worse than usual ;-) ) and my muscles are a little achy, so my bass playing ain't all that great. Before that, I came home with the intent of practising only to find that there was water pouring down into the practise room and there were garbage bins and pails everywhere on the floor an the table... it just seems like everything's been going wrong lately.

That being said, I've just completed a reasonably coherent practise session, in which I certainly didn't shine, but I worked on some stuff -- and on a bassline that I couldn't get right last week.

Aside from that, I've spent the week sucking back the echinacaea and Fisherman's Friends (thanks to Sister for that idea). I really want to be better now.


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