10.10.2003 || 14:18

GWB kneads US conceit and Canada signs away civil liberties

Wow, GWB is still piling up more countries in the 'must agressificate' tray. Now he wants to take down Cuba. And how's he gonna do it? Way-ell, by blocking all those US tourist dollars is how. Apparently, Americans are so important that by simply not going to Cuba, they'll actively bring about Fidel's downfall.

Does anyone actually fall for this shite?

Thanks be to the gods that he knows nothing about his northern neighbours, eh? Otherwise, he'd be on our collective arse about cutting diplomatic ties with Habana or something...

Maybe he just doesn't want Castro to get his hands on any of their brand-spanking-new (and *finally* coloured) $20 bills. Welcome to the rest of the world, you guys. Nice to see you finally embracing modernism in this fashion-- even though the bucks still look like Banana Republic currency...

Though I still don't get how Washington is getting away with openly colonising the world in the way they do.

Meanwhile, up at the top of North America, the Liberals are still sucking. This is fucking ridiculous, I tell you. The House of Commons is becoming so frigging irrelevant that we may as well just do away with it and officially give the Prime Minister absolute power. What a travesty.

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