10.08.2003 || 12h46


Holy mother of *funk,* we stood in bed until almost 11h00. not without reason or nothing: we watched Looking for Leonard, then spent a well-deserved godknowshowlong behaving very badly. It wasn't my fault, her new haircut's really hot...

Work was nothing short of epic yesterday. I started at 15h00. At 15h15, water started dripping through some of our ceiling lights. By an hour and a half later, I'd closed the store and had the floor barista help me move everything off the displays and under cover, and lay garbage bags over the espresso bar and grinders -- and water was still *pouring* through every hole, nook, and cranny in the ceiling. The concierge's numbers didn't work (because he was no longer working for the landlord), and the landlord wasn't answering his phone.

Yeah, we got the fire department.

It was an infinitely overflowing toilet in the flat upstairs. So, we cleaned up the flood in *our* place and re-opened.

Three hours of my shift with no sales. The bigger problem here is that this has already happened twice before, and if CoffeeHellCo uses this as an excuse to break the lease, there'll be a bunch of us out of work.


Oh, I just got called in to work on my day off, by the way. I was supposed to go to an audition to-day, but I re-scheduled that for to-morrow.

Oh, and incidentally, Paul Martin sucks a lot.

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