10.04.2003 || 10h26

Paul Frigging Martin, eh?

I just read a rather sprawling article in the Walrus about the Honourable Paul Martin (soon to the the Right Honourable Paul Martin), and it just about made me sick. I've never liked the guy, I don't like the idea of business tycoons becoming parliamentarians, and I think it *sucks* that we're about to get a prime minister that the Canadian people didn't vote for. I know it's only until the end of the current term and all, but fuck, dude.

Also, the fact that Canada's ethics officer is one of Martin's toadies who said that Martin wouldn't have to sell Canada Steamship Lines to become prime minister scares me. I mean, here is a man at the top of one of the largest shipping companies around, who re-flagged the entire fleet (save for the lakers) to get around this country's taxes, laying off entire crews of Canucks and replacing them with lower-paid Ukranians and Philipinos; who then went on to become Canada's finance minister and make huge statements about how some corporations around here are shirking their tax duties and how he was enacting legislation to cut out many tax-havens (Liberia, for instance); who then re-flagged the fleet again to take advantage of a loophole he left in the legislation pertaining to the Bahamas.

He balanced Canada's budgets by doing the same hack-and-slash routine to the country's social programmes.

He'll most likely do his best to drag our heels over Kyoto (his ships carry a *lot* of coal to Ontario's smog-factories), not to mention anything pertaining to the St-Lawrence seaway or oil or, well...

I do not under any circumstances believe that being a hugely able businessman give one the same set of values and practises that would make him a good prime minister. The interests are diametric opposites.

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