10.03.2003 || 10:26

Whups, there goes my film career.

My goodness, what a day for news! It turns out that the election in Ontario went pretty damned far in terms of showing how unhappy most Ontarians were with the ruling party. The ontario Liberals whupped their way into a total majority. I just hope that the Ontarian on the street ain't expecting much to be different. especially as the provincial NDP (who, let's face it, didn't have any illusions about forming the government, but who would have made a *kick* arse opposition) lost their official party status by stint of getting a measly 7 seats.

Hm. We're two soldiers down in Afghanistan, thanks to a mine in one of those tiny, labyrinthine Kabul streets.

Of course, people are already starting to bitch about the vehicle the troops were driving. I hope this doesn't turn into a crassly opportune time for the Humvee supporters to start clamouring for that to be the next 'Jeep' for the CF. First of all, I can't see one of *those* Getting far in Kabul...

Oh, I totally forgot. At work a couple of nights ago, I was working with a guy whose youthful exuberance go way beyond the point of being irritating. hell, the kid never shuts up. And his idea of what constitutes appropriate discourse while at work is shockingly skewed. Anyway, we'd just made about $60 worth of drinks for yet another filmcrew (this time it was for the crew of the Reagans miniseries. Yes, *those* Reagans) and taken them to the PA's car, when in walked two guys who I immediately pegged as Americans by their accents and the fact that I had to check off half the little recipe boxen on the cups for their drinks. Anyway, I said something about the Reagans order being way worse than this one, and the guys asked how we knew about the shoot. I know a bunch of people who were extras, and oh, we just made them about a million drinks. The exuberant youth (who was on the espresso bar) piped up with the ridiculous statement 'Yeah, but who cares about *Reagan?* I hope it fails.'

One of the Americans points to the other and says 'He's the producer.'

I point to EY and say 'I'll whup him feirce as soon as you're gone. Promise.'

After they left, I turned to him and said 'I hope it *fails???*'

So yeah, he cleaned the toilets that night.

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