09.30.2003 || 10h46

Nova Scotians and Tarot, a recovery-themed entry

Hm. The Ceeb was just interviewing a couple of Maritimers whose villages had been hurricaned away. Their ability to come together and shrug off whatever disaster comes their way just cements in my mind the idea that Eastern Canadians are *definitely* the most unstoppable people this side of the Atlantic.

So speaking of recoveries, Tarot's coming home to-day. I just called the vet, and I can go get him in a couple of hours. Oh, the final tally? Yeah, only about $1293.--. Is it worth it? Yeah. Am I pissed at the little guy? Holy wow, yeah. Of course, that's *plus* all the new, covered garbage cans I have to get to replace our current crop of Tarot-unfriendly ones, etc, etc, etc, etc...

Eternal thanks to all who helped. I'm going to put a little token in the mails for each of you as soon as I have a few bucks again...


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