09.19.2003 || 10:09

got some money. Too bad I can't *spend* it. Heh...

So, yesterday I received about 700 or so Iraqi Dinars in the mail. Plus £1500 Lebanese in change. You see, the price was about US$12.50 or so, but they insisted that I send cash, so I mailed off US$15 and asked for change.

Lebanese pounds are pretty as hell. Way prettier than Iraqi dinars and a hell of a lot more attractive than US dollars.

In a strange bit of coincidence, the cancellation date on the stamps is 11 September 2003. I guess I just find it kinda cute that these Iraqi banknotes got mailed off to me on the anniversary of the event that became the US's excuse to (among other travesties) invade the sovereign country who's banknotes I'd just received.

PS: Ohboy, is Washington going to be *pissed...*

But that's alright because so the fuck are we.

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