09.17.2003 || 22:35

Gay weddings, eh?

Okay, so on the House of Commons' first day of post-summer-holiday business, a retarded bid by the Alliance Party to have 'marriage' solidly defined as one man and one woman was voted down; on the second day of parliament, NDP MP Svend Robinson's private members bill to extend hate crimes protection to gays and lesbians was voted in. Good news for the impending vote on legalising gay marriages? Not really. Svend's hate-crimes bill was only passed by a vote of 143 to 110, and the Alliance Party's ridiculous attempt to derail the same-sex marriage law was only narrowly voted down. I don't think the margins are enough on this one to see it through, and whereas the hate-crimes legislation makes me happy and a little proud (as a card-carrying NDP-er myself), I don't at this point have any illusions that the fogeys in the House will follow the prime minister's plan to legalise gay weddings in Canada. And that's a fucking drag.

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