09.16.2003 || 00:45

Not the best of days, eh?

So yeah, I had a pretty stupid day to-day. I mean, I had planned to sort of hang out and maybe write some shite, but well, I kinda forgot my camera at work last night, and I have no idea if some of the new staff are trustworthy, so I went in (read: across town) to get it. While I was there, one of my actors (who I got a job at CoffeeHell and shall henceforth call 'Air Force Girl' because that's what her other part-time job is) arrived for her training, so we chatted for a while, then Mystie called to find out what I was doing, then she got off the phone to go buy a cellphone, saying she'd call me back afters so we could meet. Air Force Girl and I left together and decided to go to another café while I waited for Mystie to call me back. Except that she just showed up at CoffeeHell instead. Then she came to the other café and sat down for a while, discovered that the dweeb who'd sold her her phone had forgotten to put it in the box, and stormed off, leaving AFG and me kinda uncomfy. AFG wanted to know if Mystie was the jealous type, so I told her about the fact that Mystie's the only one for me -- even though she has been fairly, uhm, free about casting her number before boys; then I said that Mystie knew alladat and yadda yadda yadda and I'd find out later just in case.

Of course, AFG and I'd also been at a two-person table (since we weren't expecting Mystie to join us, but rather that she'd call and we'd leave), and by the time a four-person table that *wasn't* constantly being brushed against by the waitresses opened up, Mystie'd already stormed off.

So, AFG and I waited about a year for our bill, then Mystie called back to say she'd straightened the Radio Shack dweeb out and gotten her phone, so I went to meet her (read, halfway back across town) for pizza. Of course, by this point I only had time to bolt a slice down, run to the Second Cup for a cold drink, then leave for work. In other words, I walked from work to McGill College for about fifteen minutes worth of hanging out, then I walked right back to work.

Which was long and arduous. There are just some regulars whom I can't stand to see walk in. I'm sorry, but there it is. Par exemple, here's this large group of writers that hangs out there, most of whom are pretty nice all in all, but there's this one who is a major-league cock. Period. And seeing him walk in just sets me on end.

So the cock in question walked in to-night, which made my day even better, then I closed with someone who'd never closed before.

Oh, and I managed to splash myself with a stream of boiling water while backflushing the espresso bar.

Any questions?

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