09.14.2003 || 02:15

Wow, what a senseless bunch of words

Okay, I'm almost done Sartre's 'Nausea,' which I have to admit is a pretty apropos name for this fucking book. Dude, I'm only finishing it because I've got three pages left. I have no problem with Sartre's obvious skill in the writign department, but I have *never* had time for existentialism, largely because it's an extremely classist philosophy, by which I mean that no one who's got real problems can afford the time and wasted effort, making existentialism a crutch of the idle and the middle class.

By which I also mean that none of it makes any motherfuzting sense, either.

So yeah. I have this unfortunate habit. You see, whereas many of my colleagues say 'have a good day,' I tend to say 'Have a good one.' And whereas saying 'Have a good one' is pretty innocuous when I've just made you a latté, saying it to someone I've just helped navigate the slings and arrows of the key to the bathroom gives the statement a somewhat different, uhm, aspect.

Heh... oups.

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