09.12.2003 || 10:07

Kim and Johnny

Hm. Kim Campbell was the host of The Current to-day. She certainly seems to have bounced back well from her short stint as Canada's first female prime minister. Aside from the fact that she is a conservative, it was kind of too bad that she got handed the prime ministership under the circumstances that were in force during her reign. She knew that accepting the post at the abdication of our least popular PM ever would be a career-destroying move, but she did it anyway because she thought it would be good for the party.

It seems that she's been busy ever since. Ambassadorial posts, chairpersonships... Now she's teaching at Harvard... Oh, and she's really funny, too.

So yeah, to-day's an endless stretch of laundry and crap, topped off with a deeee-LIGHT-ful shift at work. Gods, I love this post-career life I've built for myself.

Wow. Bye bye Johnny. I have to admit to being a little sad about this; I'm a fairly recent convert to Johnny Cash appreciation I think that American IV represented the apex of his switch from country music icon to white-haired edgemeister. He was obviously turning into something interesting, something a little more altern, but still with his roots firmly in the country paradigm.

Yeah, I liked some of the old ones, too, like 'Ring of Fire,' for example. But his cover of 'Hurt' was something I'd never expected to see or hear, and it intrigued me. I was wondering what was coming next.

I guess nothing.

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