09.08.2003 || 01h14

film extra stuff

So I did some extra work on a film to-day. We were supposed to shoot the scene they wanted me for from 13h00-16h00. They promised. A bunch of us from the acting school met at the Wyndham at about 13h00 and waited (It was as close as I've come to going to the film festival this year). So we stood about for a while, trying to look like just more of the festival attendees (Oh, Geneviève Bujold still exudes cool), then got told that the call was pushed back to 15h00 -- at the Wax Lounge on St-Laurent street. So we all went to find some lunch, then met up at the allotted time & place, only to discover that the call'd been pushed back to 15h45. So we went for coffee. We were still waiting around at 16h15. Finally, someone came to the waiting area at about a quarter to 17h00 and asked for a trendy-looking couple. I went in with some weird chick with a tight body, low-cut shirt, and a stately Roman nose who just. Wouldn't. Shut. Up. They had us get all snuzzly and shite, then made her get up and leave; and then another girl (who just happened to have been one of my actors from the play) sit down and mac on me. In front of us, this dude John Cho (who I have to admit I had to look up) and Seth Myers (I think. I had to look him up too) did some of that acting stuff. The film's kinda neat: it actually takes place at the Montréal film fest, but I don't thin I'm allowed to say any more about it. There are some local talent in it as well, of course, including the lovely and talented Jessica Paré, who is stunning in person.

This John Cho charecter came on-set singing an obnoxious rendition of David Bowie's 'Young American,' but with a slight twist: 'French-Canadian, she was a French-Canadian...' Which reminds me that maybe Hollywood stars should stay away from Montréal: They just can't seem to take the temptations this city offers (It's at the bottom of the page).

Oh, PS: $87 *billion?* holy shnikes! How many people could be fed and educated for that? 'Finish the job,' my arse, you should never have invaded in the first place, munchmonkey.

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