09.06.2003 || 10:37

Hahaha! My girlfriend's a dirty slut!

Oups. Heh, I didn't mean to imply that the Frenchman was sleeping *with* my girlfriend. He's staying in our solarium for a few days is all. He's the boyfriend of the luscious Swiss who's staying at Maman's boarding house. Maman's got this retarded no boys policy, so he flew across the fucking Atlantic to sleep in a stranger's solarium. Obviously, they're going to look into a couple of days at a hotel as well...

So, last night I got out of work really late again. The fucking barista I have closing with me is a really nice guy, but he just. Won't. Stop. Talking. I mean, while we're supposed to be doing the pre-close cleaning. I finally told him that if he didn't shut it, I'd tear his tongue out. He was quiet for *maybe* four and e 'arf minutes...

Then something weird happened to me on my walk home (oh yeah, I missed the fuck out of the last Métro because of this guy): I was walking along De Maisonneuve street and this carload of young honeys whistled at me. Yes, me. Catcalls too. I was all like 'Bitches, if you came any closer, you might not be so into the whole whistling thang,' but I just kept on walking. Kinda embarassing.

So I'm supposed to be going to Maman's for her birthday brunch to-morrow. I'm supposed to be in a movie at 13h00 to-morrow. You see my problem?

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