08.28.2003 || 08:21


Dude, I'm so fragged that I can't think straight and the week's not even over yet. I've decided that shooting a short movie a week before my play was, in a word, stoopid. Since then, I have worked, worked, worked, worked... Oh, and on Tuesday I went out after work to a li'l good-bye thing for Jazz at the pub around the corner from CoffeeHell Co. Everyone sorta drifted away as the night marched on, until we were the only two there. So we yakked until the place closed, then she drove me home. Yesterday, I got up and did about a million errands (including running up the hill multiple times for waffle ingredients), then I went to my rehearsal, then to work until 12h45 this morning. Yes, I'm now awake at 8 or so in the ay-em because I work *again* at 10h00. Oh, then have another rehearsal at 17h00...

You see what I'm doing to myself, here? Yeah, it's called 'being dumb as paste.'

Strangely, I think I thrive off of this kind of stress. And by 01 September, will will have shot my first movie *and* directed my first multi-castmember play with costumes and lights and alladat. I'm in love with my life right now. I just wish that my family would be around to see some of these important events, I guess. Hell, Jazz is coming even though she's in Québec City now...

Of course, it might not be worth her while ;-) The last rehearsal we had was, uhm, less than scintillating. Yes, I'm irritated by the fact that the energy was down yesternight and they were'nt giving their all, but that'll change when their in front of audience members. What *scares* me is the fact that my main male actor wasn't off-script yet...

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