08.26.2003 || 02h29


Otay, I hauled a 50-kilo (110lbs) lighting kit back to the rental place this morning -- on the corner of Zt-Zotique and D'Iberville. 48 minutes of BMW (for those from outside Montréal, that means 'Bus, Métro, Walk'). Hauling arse with a big, expensive box like that on the typical Montréal transit cocktail has re-affirmed something in my mind: I need my fucking license. You just can't be a filmmaker without access to wheels. I won't buy a car until hybrids or electrics become affordable because this isn't a city where anything else is really forgivable, but tossing a car rental into the budget for the next three vignettes is going to be a necessity. I just can't carry lights *and* cameras back and forth otherwise. Not without a wagon train.

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