08.24.2003 || 11h06

Some more stuff about nothing

Okay, I found this to be hilarious.

I guess my e-mail problem got well and truly fixed because to-day I started up my Mail app and got nearly drowned under a deluge of e-mail -- mostly doubles of stuff I'd received over the last month or so, but a buncha new ones as well. So okay, everyone whose been on my arse about not answering your mail, shut up. I got them. I'll answer.


Hm. my other account is chock full of Viagra adverts. I guess being 31 mean sagging in the sex department or something. Bastards.

Uhm, but some of the stuff I get in my inbox is very, very important. It seems that GWB's War on the Environment is proceeding apace with his War on Terror. Now it's the Yellowstone Grizzlies. I mean, GWDude, where the hell is your head? Please read what I'm talking about, and if you care, sign.

One of the actors in my play wants to get together and go over his monologues a bit. Seems he's feeling the pressure after missing two rehearsals because of a family emergency. We've only got two more before opening, you see... What a week. Note from the newly wise: Neverever schedule a movie shoot a week before opening night of your first multi-actor play. It's stressful and exhausting and it eats your life.

Not a complaint, mind you ;-)

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