08.23.2003 || 23h36

Finally did something

Oh my gods, we actually shot something. I finally became a filmmaker to-day. I don't really think I can believe it. Exhausted, though. Extremely.

Oh, and all of my fears about using the actress I chose (I say 'I' because Marv was in Newfoundland at the time) without even auditioning her proved to be unfounded. She was a real trooper and did a brill job. I mean, I knew she's good. I'd worked with her before, but she's been in the throes of a lot of turbulence lately, and she spoke to me on the phone to say that she felt she wasn't where she should be with the character. Nonsense; we don't even have to shoot to-morrow.

Okay, we might have to do some re-shooting if there are unforeseen sound issues or whatever. Aside from that, we're money.

And, even better: the lovely Mystie's home. And waiting in bed. I'm off like a prom dress.

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