08.23.2003 || 02h22

A slight dedication to Jazz

Oo-er. To-night Jazz gave me an elbowing to the sternum that left a great big red splotch. I told her that if it turned into a bruise, I was going to have a hard time explaining it to my girlfirend...

Well okay, I was busily trying to shove a scoopful of ice down her shirt at the time. We do this at work. A lot. Management was warned when they first started to put us on the floor together, so it's not like we're going to get fired over it.

I hope, heh.

Actually, Jazz prolly doesn't care; she's in her last three days at CoffeeHellCo, and to-night was her last shift with me. She's moving back to Québec City for school in a few days, though she says she'll try to be back for my play.

I guess it'll be hard to understand how much I'm going to miss her because I really haven't gone much into her in these pages. She's the one person at work who I'm actively interested in. And I don't mean that in the obvious sense. What I mean is that I'm interested in what she's doing with her life and what her plans are; what she thinks of stuff or what she wants to do. Oh, and even though she's single, she never gets disgruntled at me, no matter *how* much I talk about Mystie, which is a plus. I guess I'm just interested in what she has to say, and over the summer I think we've gone from being work buddies to sorta maybe becoming almost friends. We made a great team at work, too.

And I'll kill her if she comes back to CoffeeHellCo at X-mas. She's way too smart for this crap

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