08.12.2003 || 12:49

I should stop reading the news

[knock knock] Um yeah hello, California? Yeah, uh, the world is laughing at you.

Oh, and by the way, yoips. This just shoots past gross and lands squarely in the realm of the beyond defence. I mean, I don't condone capital punishment, but I honestly don't know what one would do with such a person. Revenge is an ugly, ugly thing, and I don't think it's respectable in the first place; striking back at someone through innocents like that is, well, disgusting. Abusing your status as a trust figure (in this case, a nurse)... Here are your bags, send me a postcard from Hell, bitch.

And one does not fuck with HIV. Period.

And on another positive fucking note, whereas I guess the new security-over-dignity-minded guys in Washington are cancelling the visaless stopovers in US aeroports for 'good' reason, why the hell is Mexico one of the TWOV/ITI countries? Mystie called me this morning to tell me she'd just heard on the Ceeb that they pumped the price for a transit visa to $100. On five days notice. So now there are innumerable Mexican language students (just to name *some* of the affected peeps), who are trapped here because they weren't given time to fix this. And of course, being *students,* they're running out of money.

Five days fucking notice.

So, the question I now have is simple: Mexico supported the US's bid for UN sanction of their repulsive actions in Iraq. Mexico has done a fine job of involving itself in the War on Terror. Mexico is a full-fledged NAFTA member. What the *fuck* is the use?

||Gods save the Queen,

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