08.09.2003 || 10:26

and furthermore

Oh yeah, and on top of it all, we've got this Parisian working with us at CoffeeHellCo, right? Anyway, he met a girl on the net and had her over for supper (or something) and then started seeing her. Okay, sounds typically po-mo, right? She probably a dog and alladat patently untrue clichéd shite. We yak about her from time to time, and he says that he doesn't love her, he just loves *lovin'* her, youknowwhutI'msayin'? But this guy flirts with anything with a face, so I'm not expecting much. Then one day this drop-dead beautiful Québécoise with a deadly body and a wicked smile walks in, and she's hilarious and smart and has a great voice, and I'm thinking 'Now you see, *that's* why I don't like you Parisians: Y'all just don't know when to appreciate something.'

Anyway, she wandered in last night to say 'hi' on her way to a show, but he'd been sent off early due to an utter dearth of customers, so we chatted a bit. And she's unreal, I'm telling you. I'm going to slap him some.

I guess I hate it when I see people who don't appreciate having great lovers or something. It's something I used to do a lot, and it took a whole buncha self-inflicted alone time to think it through. I know that it's not always easy to appreciate your lover, and that everyone takes their other half for granted sometimes, but that usually comes after a few weeks or months, not right at the beginning...

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