08.09.2003 || 02h59

A birthday unattended

We were invited out to the Diable Vert for a CoffeeHellCo friend's birthday after work to-night, but after finally getting out at 1h30 or so, I was definitely too tired. I'd sort of had a premonition that it was going to be a late one, so I'd called Mystie and told her not to bother meeting me at work anyway. Still too bad, though. I hope that Jazz won't be disappointed that we didn't go. Heh, especially since I have to work with her to-morrow...

Ugh, you know what? that's literally all I have the energy to say right now. Good-night all. Oh, I'm definitely being promoted. I spent my shift being trained as a Lead to-night. Yay, one freaking dollar more an hour...

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