08.08.2003 || 13:34

Little things

So the outgoing German commander of the NATO peacekeeping force in Kabul had some words of wisdom for the incoming Canadian commander: 'Don't look like Americans.' Kinda makes me laugh, I guess. I mean, aside from the fact that our are wearing green camo and the US guys are wearing beige, oh, and the different flags and stuff, what else can they do? go out into the streets with bullhorns shouting 'We are Canadians, and once and for all, we're *different!*'

Though, apparently smiling and being friendly is going to be enough to mark our boys as being different. I dunno what's been going on over there...

In more interesting news, we finished the blocking for the play last night. So now we're going to get into the characters and hopefully buff everything to a perfect shine. It's kinda weird because the play's a little unbalanced in that I'm happy with the female actors, yet both males were second choices. One of them is doing a pretty good job anyway, but the other needs work. Lots. So yeah, I'm kinda looking forward to the next few rehearsals, yet kinda not.

Hm, looks like we're a little closer to having computer monitors made of nothing but air. I want one. Don't know what I'd use it for, but who cares?

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