08.06.2003 || 23h44

Something weird...

Okay, something really bizarre and maybe a little scary happened to me to-day. something that resulted in untold amounts of destruction in my Maman's solarium while I was trying to re-do the mouldings along the tops of her walls. You see, I was hacking away at the new quarter-round on her table (I'd have done it outside, but it was beyond merely pissing out), when I maybe brushes a wire, maybe touched the metal window frame, maybe something else but DEFINITELY found myself on the floor in the middle of the room with a buzzy feeling coursing through me, with the table knocked askew, one of the chairs broken, my glasses snapped and the ladder on its side in the *kitchen.* Maman thinks I somehow got struck by lightning, the producer at the theatre company thinks I had some sort of a seizure, and I just think that I need to take something for this horrid headache.

Oh well, I got new glasses out of the deal, at least.

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